Promising Results for New Vaccine Against Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is an illness transmitted by mosquito bites. Affecting around 390 million people per year, if left untreated, its mortality rate is 20%. Although vaccines have been developed to tackle the condition, so far, they have been limited in effiacy. This may change however thanks to promising preliminary results from a new vaccine developed by Japanese pharaceutical firm, Takeda.

The first vaccine for the disease, known as Dengvaxia, was approved in 2016. Although effective in some cases, it has limited utility due to its reputation for increasing the risk of serious ulness among people with no previous exposure to Dengue fever, and is thus only used on those who have already been infected with the virus.

Unlike Dengvaxia, the new vaccine developed by Takeda seems to be effective for both those who have previously had Dengue Fever and those with no previous exposure.
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