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The Federal University of Lafia was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria on the 9th of February, 2011. The University took off in the 2011/2012 session along with the Library as part of the academic structure from the take off-site. The Library has its functions and structural organization put in place to enable it achieve its Vision and Mission in line with operational rules governing every Nigeria University. The University Library Complex was named after the first Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Lafia, Prof. Ekanem Ikpi Braid in 2019.

Our Vision

The vision of the Library is to be a strong repository of relevant and up-to-date print and electronic resources with which services befitting a top-class university library will be readily made available to users.

Our Mission

The Mission is to develop relevant library resources and offer high-quality services in support of scholarship.


Core Values

> Information

> Timeliness

> Accessibility


Limitless Learning Possibilites

The FULafia Library a strong repository of relevant and up-to-date print and electronic resources with services befitting top class University library  readily made available to users. All students and staff have access to trusted, quality library resources online, including journals, ebooks, and other academic resources to support academic studies.

Our Departments

Resource Development

Build and maintain the Library’s collection.

Resource Processing

Catalogue and classify information resources

Customers Services

Provides assistance to library users for effective, efficient and easier access and retrieval of library information resources.

Electronic Services

Provides and maintain access to electronic information resources.

Reference Services

Provides assistance to users in the location and retrieval of information relevant to their information needs.

Serials Services

Responsible for all functions related to obtaining and making serials (e.g. journals, newspapers, etc.) available in the Library.

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The following categories of users shall be admitted into the library:

>> Registered students

>> Registered staff of the University

>> Authorized persons

>> Users under interlibrary cooperation

Library Users

Enrolled Learners

Happy Students

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      24 Hrs

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